Light and Shadows

“I love plants, flowers and sunshine –and my heart throbs when I come across with any of it–.”

You are invited to take off your sunglasses, to open up your skin and soak up the warmth of this photo series and words.

写真 2016-08-26 12 39 25

“I am not good at machines and digital artefacts in general. I like nature. So, the pictures I took, a long ago, with a digital camera — my very first purchase– were somewhat considered by myself like a form of data. I think this might have been a natural thing to start taking pictures with using film.”

写真 2018-04-12 0 21 22

“I love plants, flowers and sunshine –my heart throbs when I see (feel) it–. I just like sunshine around 16h o’clock to 18h o’clock in springtime, in Japan. Unbearably, I am still excited about this idea.”

写真 2018-04-12 0 22 35

“If you compare my way of taking photos to music, I think it would be a very soft, gentle and calm melody. Let me address this reference to my favourite Japanese musicians in three songs:・Never young beach – 明るい未来,DENIMS – ゆるりゆらり and・YOOKs – Hanashi –In fact, the song “Sunday Tripper” is my favorite one, but it was not available for you guys to listen and enjoy–.”


“I had not have much of an opportunity to talk freely about my favorite things. I’m kind of happy though it seems getting very long [the sent e-mail.] I should stop writing. I will stop once and for all, for now.”

写真 2018-04-12 0 23 17

Photography and text: Yui Yamauchi

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